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Energy Education

This section is dedicated to providing information to expand your knowledge on the critical energy topics of the day. These include the technology on renewable energy; solar, wind, bio, geo, and nuclear. Our energy infrastructure is in need of updating. Keeping up with Federal and State regulations and local information is no small task.  If it is relevant to driving you to take some action or assists with your decision making process we’ve achieved our goal.

Energy Technology and General Information

We’ve collected information and organized it by type: Solar, Wind, Bio, Geo, Hydro, Nuclear, Hydrogen, and more.

Energy Infrastructure

Making our current energy infrastructure more efficient is an important part of an energy policy. Check here for information on how this works.

Federal, State, and Local Info

We’re collecting information on legislation and regulations and other information organized by Federal and State.

Energy Investing

We’ve linked sites dedicated to company information for investors to consider.

Energy Policy Debate

The U.S. is still lacking a comprehensive energy policy that will move us toward any significant transition from carbon emitting technologies to alternative sources. Check here for more information on this debate.

Energy Organizations and General Information

This section is to highlight organizations lobbying for energy policy changes and general information that does not fall into the other categories.

Conservation (Green) Technology

This section provides information about technologies that fall into a Green category. Examples of this are improved fuel efficient vehicles, energy efficient appliances, recycling technology, among others.



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