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Green at Home


We’ve go loads of information about how live green at home. Topics include general information about how to reduce energy usage, recycling, green living, and others.


Google already has plans to "green" their computer facilities but did you know they are planning to help the homeowner manage their energy? Google’s Path to Smarter Power

Easy Ways to Go Green – a nice list of ideas from the SF Chronicle.

Indoor air is three times more polluted than outdoor air, and according to the EPA, is considered to be one of the top 5 hazards to human health. Paints and finishes are among the leading causes. Paints and finishes release low level toxic emissions into the air for years after application. The source of these toxins is a variey of VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds) which, until recently, were essential to the performance of the paint. New environmental regulations, and consumer demand, have led to the development of low-VOC and zero-VOC paints and finishes. Most paint manufacturers now produce one or more non-VOC variety of paint. These new paints are durable, cost-effective and less harmful to human and environmental health. Sherwin-Williams offers paints with their "GreenSure" logo

Sometimes appliance ratings don’t live up to expectations:  November 14, 2008. DOE Reaches Agreement with LG Electronics, USA, On Refrigerator Energy Matter. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) today announced an agreement with LG Electronics, USA, Inc. (LG), resolving concerns related to energy usage measurements reported on LG French Door refrigerators with through-the-door ice and water service.

Clinton Hill was special, not because cancer tragically took his life at the age of eleven, but, because the life he did live displayed a courage and sensitivity to the world around him. He couldn’t understand what we are doing to our planet. The poisons we dump into our skies and rivers. The neglect we show for our precious plants and animals. How, he wondered, could we do such things? Of course we all wonder. But that is where Clint was different. He didn’t just wonder. He acted. He started a club for kids dedicated to peaceful Earth-saving Actions. He called it Kids for Saving Earth.



Wondering what to do with your old electronics? Best Buy will help you out by recycling a lot of your ready to discard items. Check out the Best Buy Recycling page for details.

Home Depot Offers Recycling for Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

New incentives for recycling coming to your location (maybe?) – Recycle Bank

The Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation (RBRC) is a non-profit, public service organization created by the rechargeable power industry and dedicated to the recycling of rechargeable batteries. In pursuit of its mission, RBRC also collects old cell phones. The RBRC public education campaign and rechargeable battery and cell phone recycling program – Call2Recycle ® – is the result of the industry’s determination to conserve natural resources and prevent rechargeable batteries and cell phones from entering the solid waste stream.



The first issue of the weekly Energies newsletter was published in 1996. Green Energy News incorporated the following year. The publication was developed to offer news and commentary in regards to clean, efficient and/or renewable energy in relation to business, technology, issues and policy. Green Energy News is geared to a wide audience ranging from consumers to industry professionals to the educational community to government officials.

Home Energy Audit (.pdf)

The North Texas Renewable Energy Group has created a Phantom Load Checklist to help you hunt them down in your home.

This fact sheet provides information about the energy use and associated energy costs of common home appliances. Be aware that Clallum County is in Washington and hydroelectric power tends to cost a bit less than most of us are paying. The average costs are based on Clallam County PUD’s rate of $0.062 per kWh.

The Leonardo Academy has written a Home Sustainability Action Guide with tips and ideas for greener living.

Home Power Magazine

Eartheasy is about sustainable living. It offers information, activities and ideas which help us live more simply, efficiently and with less impact on the environment.

House Energy – A "how to make home energy savings" website.

Energy Star is a joint program of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Department of Energy helping us all save money and protect the environment through energy efficient products and practices. Results are already adding up. Americans, with the help of ENERGY STAR, saved enough energy in 2007 alone to avoid greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to those from 27 million cars — all while saving $16 billion on their utility bills.

ENERGY STAR Qualified Products – Products in more than 50 categories are eligible for the ENERGY STAR. They use less energy, save money, and help protect the environment. Ask for the ENERGY STAR.

EnergySavers.gov – On this U.S. Government Web site you can find information to help you save energy in your home, business, vehicle, or industrial plant.

Consumer Guide to Home Energy Savings – Online Guide from the American Council for Energy-Efficient Economy

Low-Impact Living offers ideas and products to "lessen the load you put on the earth".

Ecologue – Easier ways to live Green. A site affiliated with HGTV, DIY Network, Food Network, etc.

Energy Savings Guide from ConsumerReports.org

Earth Advantage has transformed itself over the past decade from a utility-based energy conservation focus to a fully encompassed sustainability program. We are now a free standing nonprofit organization acting as the Northwest’s premier green building program.

WNCGreenBuilding.com – the online version of 2008 WNC Green Building Directory. The WNCGBD is a collaborative effort between the WNC Green Building Council and Mountain Xpress. This organization based in North Carolina has both local information as well as resources and links likely to be useful for everyone.

Leonardo Academy – Cleaner and Greener is a program of Leonardo Academy, a charitable 501(c)3 nonprofit located in Madison, Wisconsin. Leonardo Academy founded the Cleaner and Greener Certification Program to reduce pollution and promote sustainability. This program helps businesses, organizations, and individuals take action to reduce pollution that contributes to climate change, smog, and acid rain. The Cleaner and Greener Program initially focused on the emission reduction component of sustainability, but has expanded to address all aspects of sustainability. Check out their Resources page for emissions caluculators

WattzOn allows you to measure the amount of power needed to support all of the aspects of your lifestyle. By calculating every impact in watts, all the varied choices made in your life can be directly compared – including actions that happen on markedly different timescales. Measuring in power rather than carbon emissions also recognizes that there are not enough remaining fossil fuel sources to support the energy needs of the world.

Energy Info Center from Minnesota Department of Commerce




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