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Home Energy Hub

This is the place for info on saving energy, conservation, living green, and using alternative energy. We’ve compiled links of resources, tips, ideas, and projects to save money and help you reduce your carbon footprint. There’s a lot you can do. You may just make a small difference but every bit helps.


Green at Home

We have a great collection of information and reference websites where you can get ideas on what you can do now and trends to keep an eye on for the future.

Home Energy Tips

Check this page for things you can do now to save energy and live “Green”.

Home Products

There are new products hitting the market all the time. We’ll provide information on them here and flag some “hot” items when we come across them.

Keep an Eye on This

There’s a lot of interesting things on the forefront but they may not be ready for primetime yet. We’ll let you know what’s on the horizon.


Build a Green Home

Find green and energy efficient home designers, plans, and general information on new construction here.


Here’s something. Many of us need to leave our computers running continuously. If that is the case for you consider contributing its processing power to assist with the search for new, energy saving materials. The mission of the Clean Energy Project is to find new materials for the next generation of solar cells and later, energy storage devices. By harnessing the immense power of World Community Grid, researchers can calculate the electronic properties of tens of thousands of organic materials – many more than could ever be tested in a lab – and determine which candidates are most promising for developing affordable solar energy technology. The Clean Energy project uses computational chemistry and the willingness of people to help look for the best molecules possible for: organic photovoltaics to provide inexpensive solar cells, polymers for the membranes used in fuel cells for electricity generation, and how best to assemble the molecules to make those devices. By helping us search combinatorially among thousands of potential systems, World Community Grid volunteers are contributing to this effort.



With respect to climate shift to you think mankind's activities:


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