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Energy Organizations

There are numerous organizations monitoring energy related subjects. We are not offering opinion on the relevancy of information found here or efficacy of the organization. Any text provided with the link is only to assist in sorting through the massive amount of information available.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) acts as energy policy advisor to 28 member countries in their effort to ensure reliable, affordable and clean energy for their citizens. Founded during the oil crisis of 1973-74, the IEA’s initial role was to co-ordinate measures in times of oil supply emergencies. As energy markets have changed, so has the IEA. Its mandate has broadened to incorporate the “Three E’s” of balanced energy policy making: energy security, economic development and environmental protection. Current work focuses on climate change policies, market reform, energy technology collaboration and outreach to the rest of the world, especially major consumers and producers of energy like China, India, Russia and the OPEC countries.

Environmental Defense Fund







American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy   Policies to improve energy efficiency can reduce oil imports, improve the reliability of the U.S. electric grid, save consumers money, reduce air pollution, create jobs, and reduce prices.

http://www.greenercars.org/index.htm    This official website for ACEEE’s Green Book is a unique consumer resource providing Green Scores rating the environmental friendliness of every vehicle on market.

http://www.efficientbuildings.org/about_the_provision.html  The Energy Policy Act of 2005 establishes a new deduction for expenses incurred for energy-efficient commercial building property. The deduction is equal to energy-efficient commercial building property expenditures made by the taxpayer, subject to a cap.


Energy General Information Websites

RenewableEnergyWorld.com  A lot of information quite well organized. Definitely a professional organization running this site.

Miscellaneous Sites:



http://www.ethicalmarkets.com/  Ethical Markets Media disseminates information on green investing, socially responsible investing, green business, green energy, business ethics news, environmentally friendly technology, good corporate citizenship and sustainable development by making available reports, articles, newsletters and video gathered from around the world.

http://www.startingupgreen.com/ Interesting site that supports the green business interests of Glenn Croston a San Diego author, scientist and entrepreneur







With respect to climate shift to you think mankind's activities:


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