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Energy Policy Debate

The energy debate regarding both renewable and non-renewable sources, carbon emissions and global warming, and conservation is critical our children’s future, if not our own. On this page we will provide information from all ends of the political spectrum.

Energy consumption is expected to rise by 50% through 2030. Getting there sustainably will require a handful of simultaneous breakthroughs in physics, efficiency and behavior. On November 5, Forbes published a special report, "Energy + Genius," packed with solutions and stories on how the world is meeting the challenge.


Carbon Tax and Cap & Trade:

We’re not taking sides. We do think that you need to understand what this means so we will try to present both sides of the argument.

The Carbon Tax Center ("CTC") was launched in January 2007 to give voice to Americans who believe that taxing emissions of carbon dioxide — the primary greenhouse gas — is imperative to reduce global warming.

Cap and Trade 101: What Is Cap and Trade, and How Can We Implement It Successfully?

Here is an excellent source of news and press releases on the subject of the carbon economy. The Global Resource for Carbon Market Intelligence. New Carbon Finance is the leading provider of high quality research and analysis across all of the world’s carbon markets. Our raison d’etre is simple – to enable clients to make better investment and trading decisions. We do this by combining regular market commentary with detailed market modelling and thorough independent research. Our clients include energy companies, banks and funds managers throughout the world. New Carbon Finance operates as a service of New Energy Finance, the world’s leading provider of information and analysis to investors in the renewable energy and low-carbon sectors.


Policy Videos

President-Elect Obama’s address on January 3, 2009 includes a statement that there is a priority to double renewable energy output. We’ll watch this unfold. See his weekly address below.

Here’s a video of Patrick Dixon discussing why government incentives are necessary to drive renewable energies to economies of scale that will bring costs down to the point where subsidies are no longer required. Dixon is recognized as one of the top "Futurists". He speaks on many topics in addition to Green Energy. You can see and read more at GlobalChange.com.

T. Boone Pickens has very publicly escalated the debate on the national energy policy. See more on this subject on his 60 Minutes interview found on the Wind Technology page. T. Boone may not be purely altruistic but one should not totally ignore the view of a successful businessman. He is proposing both public and private sector investment.



Energy Think Tanks:

Not all of these Think Tanks focus exclusively on energy policy. However, to be included here they must have policy statements on the topic.

Rocky Mountain Institute – Snowmass Colorado. Research is also performed here. Check out their Solutions page and Library for a host of detailed information.

Center for Strategic & International Studies – Energy and National Security – Washington DC. The Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) provides strategic insights and policy solutions to decisionmakers in government, international institutions, the private sector, and civil society.

Centrists.org – Washington DC. Centrists.Org is a think tank and communications center for bipartisan policymaking.

The Ambient Foundation, Inc.  – Washington, DC. The Ambient Foundation is dedicated to providing Cleantech energy solutions for sustainable development and capacity building throughout the world.

Energy Policy Organizations:

Renewable Energy Policy Project (REPP) – REPP’s goal is to accelerate the use of renewable energy by providing credible information, insightful policy analysis, and innovative strategies amid changing energy markets and mounting environmental needs by researching, publishing, and disseminating information, creating policy tools, and hosting highly active, on-line, renewable energy discussion groups.



With respect to climate shift to you think mankind's activities:


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